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Day 3 - 4 AM update

I spent the morning finishing the seams of the surcoat. By noon it was completed. I then spent the rest of the day procrastinating. At about 10 PM, I finally started cutting my dark green wool for the tunic. So far, I've cut all the pieces and attached everything but the front center gore to the main body. I spent an entire hour trying to figure out how to make center gores come out right, and I just now figured out how to do it.
It was my goal to have the tunic finished today. Now, normally by this time I'm ready to pass out, so I would have failed to achieve my goal. However, I'm still very much awake and going strong, so I can restate my goal, which is finishing the tunic by the time I go to bed. Tune in next week to see if I completed my task.

The outfit situation is as follows:
Shirt - done.
Surcoat - done.
Tunic - In progress: see above. Estimated time necessary to finish: 3 hours.
Pants - I've got black linen, which I think will do nicely for this outfit.
Headwear - Probably out by this point, unless I can find a pattern for a cap of maintenance. Anyone?

As if cream, forest green and cranberry aren't enough colors, I need to add another one. And the pants can't be green, or else I may end up looking like an elf from Santa's Workshop.

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