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On buying a home

Just got back from meeting with the realtor. We're giving First Franklin, the bank that owns the property, a week to drop the price to a manageable level. If they don't, we call off escrow, and sue the escrow company for the amount spent on inspection, as well as any punitive damages we can get for their flagrant fuck-up of this deal.

This place was perfect for us, and the only reason the main plan fell through was because the ratio of owner-occupied units was too low. I feel we're being punished for something we didn't do, and we've wasted three months on this property as more and more legislation was passed to make it nigh on impossible to get a house. In the meantime, other buyers have swallowed up the good properties, leaving only the drech we saw today: a dilapidated fire hazard of a bungalow in the middle of the goddamn barrio!

There's one house that we're looking at currently, but it's 20% more than I can afford, it needs a lot of restoration, it's in a run-down neighborhood, and the only representative for the property we could get ahold of said that it had been in escrow for a week.

If any of you have sway with TPTB, see if you can't convince Them to pull First Franklin's heads out of their asses long enough to show them that they need to sell this home to us. Otherwise, keep your eye out for any houses for sale near a Metro station in decent neighborhood for less than $220,000.

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