Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Interview meme, take 8

kottr asks:
1. What is it about heralding that keeps you so interested in it?
The thing that really drew me into the SCA was the pageantry. I'd been fascinated with heraldry long before I'd ever joined the SCA, and had actually designed a couple devices that I was kicking around (in fact, one of them was rather Norse in design, with a blue and white gyronny background, a black border, and a gold owl in the center).

Since I joined, I've found that the one way I can really give back to the SCA, and particularly to the portion of the SCA that I love, is to be an active herald, convincing people to register and display arms, running courts, and calling fields.

2. When am I going to see you in armor?
I'm a gorget away from a legal kit. Got any extra ones lying about for a thick-necked fellow like myself?

3. What has been the defining moment of your SCA career so far?
I can't think of any particular moment. It's been more attitude than particular occurance. However, I can name the exact moment I was hooked for life: Guillaume and Felinah's second stepping down, when Gerhart and Una swore fealty to the kingdom not only through Guillaume and Felinah, but also through the lineage of kings and queens onstage, hand-on-shoulder in unbroken succession. I'm still convinced that every Coronation can have something that profound, and I've been striving for moments like that ever since.

4. What other fabulous ideas is Poore house going to dream up?
Oh, all sorts of delightful "impossible dreams." We're looking at doing something very special for Their Excellencies of the Angels when they step down, but I can't say further publicly.

5. What would you change about Caid if you could?
Plenty of small things, but not much substantially. Shall we start with the heraldry? If I had the power, I'd release the arms of al-Caid and Lady Caid, and have them use the kingdom or queen's arms differenced by a label. I'd leave the Queen's arms, but the other two are so very different from the kingdom arms that they're physically jarring to see, and not at all in keeping with period practice for heirs.

As a CYA, I'd have a provision in the kingdom law that clearly defines the difference between a coronet and a circlet. I know the kingdom prides itself on having no sumptuary laws, but there was a gentleperson recently who wore something that was clearly intended to be a baronial coronet. Though the gentle wasn't entitled to the honors of court baroncy, nonetheless the law did not prevent his wearing of said coronet. Technically, I could build a crown taller and more grandiose than the new Royal crowns, and as long as it had no strawberry leaves, embattled edges, or protected symbols (white belt, chain, pelican, laurel wreath) I could wear it with impugnity.

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