Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Interview meme, take 7

hagerson asks:

1) You used to be Bellows herald, now you are not on the kingdom heraldry staff. Are you going local, are you taking a break or are you done with SCA heraldry and why?
None of the above. I've never really stopped working at the kingdom level as a herald, and I'm Kingdom War Herald (which apparantly not only applies to GWW, but also extends to Estrella, and any other wars I'm able to attend with TRMs). For this, the college has loaned me the title of Battlement.

2) You went through some changes in jobs during the time I have known you. Have you settled down into what you want to do? And if not, where do you want to be in 5-10 years?
No, actually. I'm horribly unsettled, both where I'm living and where I'm working. I want to finish my Masters (there's light at the end of that tunnel, btw - according to reliable sources, the English department will be searching for a new medievalist next year) and find work as a professor. But the siren song of Law is still calling, so I honestly don't know where I'll be in the next 5-10. I just hope that by then I'm not still in Azusa, not still with Kaiser.

3) Relationships, where have you been, where are you going? Is it for real?
As many of my friends know, I've been through the valley of the shadow of madness with many of my previous relationships. My current relationship isn't "going anywhere" but that's fine, because we both like it just as it is. I truly do love her.

4) Do you think of yourself as being mature as this point in your life yet? What makes you think so?
I think of myself as matured, certainly. I'm much more "adult" than I was two years ago. But I'm not sure I'd classify myself as mature, just yet.

5) You have the long weekend 100% free! No obligations what so ever. You are handed $5000 and told it can't be spent on bills or stuff you need! In fact you are told you have to take off and have some fun. Where are you going and why?
If I could defer it to two weekends from now, I'd fly up to Orkney for the Solstice. If not, either London or Walt Disney World.

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