Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Interview meme, take 6

Her Majesty jillaw asks:
1. Now that you've contacted your birth parents, do you appreciate your parents all the more?
Most definitely. I had an inkling that my birth parents weren't what I considered parental material before I ever contacted them, and having finally made contact has only solidified that belief. My mom and dad are the best ever, and I love them dearly.

2. When are you going to develop a Turkish persona?
Well, the Eastern Orthodox church allowed their religious leaders to grow beards, so maybe sometime soon. But it won't be what you're looking for.

I am, however, considering the development of a Jewish persona, but I haven't placed him yet in either time or space. And despite my religion, I'm afraid I'm still visually about as convincing a Jew as a typical Wisconsinite is a convincing samurai.

3. What drew you to the SCA initially (besides hot chicks like me)?
The opportunity to fence. In aliskye's interview I go in-depth about my joining the SCA, but long story short: the fencing professor was retiring, and the class wanted to continue to fence. I'd seen crazies in the park, and volunteered to investigate.

4. I think you'd make a great lawyer. What area would you focus on if that's the direction you decide to go?
If I had my druthers, Constitutional Law.

5. Is there a society wide belief that you think is a bunch of crock?
It's not Society-wide, but it's wide enough that it's prevalent in a strong majority of kingdoms: "squire's" silver chains and spurs, or what I like to refer to as the Knight Light kit.

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