Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

SCA Survey, filched from kottr

1. Mundane Name:
Kevin Rhodes

2. Mundane Job:
Systems Administrator

3. Persona name:
Cormac Mór

4. How did you come up with your name?
I wanted a Gaelic name to go with my Gaelic roots, so I started looking through OCM to find a good Gaelic name. I tried Duncan and Connor first (yes, I was a geek (was?)) but saw that they were spelled Donnacaidh and Conchobar, respectively. So then I tried my own name, and found it to have several different spellings, the tamest of which was Caomfind. So I went back through to see if I could find a Gaelic name that looked like it sounded, and found Cormac. As for the last name, I was originally going to go for a descriptive name like "of the fiery beard" (I have a red beard but blond hair), but after the first name debacle I chose to get something descriptive yet simple. I'm a big guy, so Mór (large, great) seemed suitable.

5. Where and when did your personal live?
Found in Ballybeg, Ireland in 1287, travelled to Scotland in 1307 amid threats of excommunication for criticizing the Pope's decision to move the papacy to Avignon.

6. What is your Known World Location?
Barony of the Angels, Kingdom of Caid

7. What kingdom do you consider to be your home?

8. How long have you played?
Since 2002

9. How did you get started?
I'd seen the "crazies in the park" for years, and when I took a fencing class from a professor who was retiring, I told the rest of the class who still wanted to fence that I'd go check this group out and bring their ideas back if they were worth anything.

10. Why did you join?
Originally to fence, but my love of heraldry and chivalry kind of took over.

11. Have you registered a name?
Yup. Cormac Mór, Noe Noe (a joke alternate name) and Poore House (my household).

12. Have you registered a device?
Yes, a couple. My current device is per fess with a right step Or and argent, but my first device, now transferred to Kathleen Kilpatrick, was sable, an open book argent between three pairs of torches crossed in saltire argent, flamed Or. I have three badges, per bend Or and argent (which is my house's "arms"), [fieldless] a brown bear's head erased proper and a badge I'm releasing, [fieldless] two torches in saltire argent, flamed proper so that I can (hopefully) register a simpler version, [fieldless] two torches in saltire Or.

13. What awards have you been granted? In what kingdom did you receive these awards?
All from Caid:
Order of the Crescent
Grant of Arms
Order of the Dolphin
Award of Arms

I also hold membership in the Guild of the Gillyflower (the Shire of Wintermist's service "award"). But you won't find that in the OP.

14. How many events do you attend each year?
Quite a few, considering I'm going to try to attend every Yule in the kingdom this year as Father Christmas. I'd say I'm at an event for 40 out of 52 weekends every year.

15. What is the best event you have ever been to?
GWW IX, though I must say I love Kaleidoscopes (even more so now, that I don't have to run them!).

16. What is the worst event you have ever been to?
A baronial anniversary where I left in tears within two hours of showing up. Not a good day.

17. What event do you make it to every year?
Crown, Coronation, GWW, Kaleidoscope, 12th Night.

18. What event do you refuse to go to?
The aforementioned baronial anniversary, and most non-kingdom events that the barony will be holding in the near future.

19. Who is your favorite person to hang at an event with?
For person, my lady. For group, Herald's Point.

20. What activities do you participate in?
College of Heralds takes up quite a bit of my time, but I'm getting back into heavies fighting, and perhaps rapier again too. Otherwise, my time has been spent sprucing up my tourney gear.

21. What activity would you like to learn?
I'd love to get into smithing, as well as woodcarving.

22. Are you a marshal?
I was an MiT for quite some time, and think I still am, but the rules have changed and I don't know for sure.

23. How many tents have you had destroyed at events?
I've never destroyed a tent, but my tent did fall apart last Estrella, beaning my lady in the head.

24. Has your garb ever caught on fire?
Not to my knowledge.

25. Have you ever woke up in a strange person’s tent?
Nope. They were all relatively normal (I don't much care for the really strange ones. Remember kids: kinky is when you use the feather, and perverse is when you use the whole chicken) (h/t to jeanniemac)

26. Do you have a pavilion?
Yes, an Anglo-Saxon geteld. I also have a lovely dayshade which most people call a pavilion.

27. Are you a peer?

28. Do you ever want to be a peer?
Eventually I would like to be recognized for my work, yes.

29. Is a coincidence that peer rhymes with beer?
One could ask the same for fear, steer, rear, and queer, and for all of them, as well as beer, the answer is yes. It is a coincidence. That some peers get sloppy drunk on ale at wars has nothing to do with their peerage, and everything to do with their love of getting sloppy drunk on ale.

30. Are you a squire, apprentice or protegee?

31. Who would you like to be squired, apprenticed or protegee'd to?
This assumes that I want to be squired, apprenticed or protegeed. I don't currently have any desire to be any of these things. My fealty lies with the Crown.

32. What is your war cry?
My lords and ladies, the time is now eight o'clock in the morning. If I have to be up, so do you! Here are the morning announcements...

33. Have you ever been pulled off of the field for your safety?

34. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in armor?
That I was in armor in the first place. At Newbie Knockabout, 2003, I was accosted by the boys of Silver Oak. "Why aren't you fighting?" "Because I'm not authorized." "Ever worn armor?" "Nope." "We'll fix that. Duncan! You've got a big head, loan Cormac your helm!" 20 minutes later, I was authorized.

35. Have you read copora?
Oh yes.

36. Circlets, how do you feel?
They're fun, and a source of endless amusement in Atenveldt.

37. What household(s) do you belong to?
Poore House, my own. I'm the herald of Brandylion Hall and House Sterling, but not an actual member of either.

38. If you could change one thing about the SCA what would it be?
Everyone would register armory, and everyone would proudly display that armory on surcoats, shields, banners, everything. More pageantry = more ambience = better ability to suspend disbelief.

39. What is your favorite part of the SCA?
The cameraderie of being a part of a huge extended family, and the trust that goes with that.

40. What is your SCA Goal for the next 7 years?
I'd like to finally get out on the tourney field, train hard, and perhaps win Crown.

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