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Introductions, part 2

It's been a while since I introduced myself in this journal. In the first post, I introduced the world to Kevin Rhodes, mild-mannered college student days away from graduating with a B.A. in English (I'm now a Masters student working on an M.A. in Arthurian Literature.) But this is only one of my many facets. Without further ado, allow me to introduce to the world Lord Cormac Mór

Cormac Mór was found on the doorstep of the Augustinian
monastery in Ballybeg, Ireland in the Year of Our Lord
1297. Raised to become a priest, Cormac was a bright lad,
showing much promise as a scholar and philosopher.
Unfortunately, his studies sometimes led him to
conclusions the monks didn't approve of. For example, he
once asked the question, "How can George be a Christian
saint if he was raised by faeries?" Cormac was
transferred back and forth between the Augustinian and
Franciscan monasteries (a few miles apart,) as the friars
of both orders tried to find where he would fit best.
Though he eventually took the oaths of the Augustinians,
he forever regretted not becoming a Franciscan.

He was asked to leave the Augustinian monastery in 1312,
the fifteenth anniversary of his discovery, when he openly
questioned the decision of Pope Clement V to move the
papacy to Avignon, France in 1305. He was given a pewter
table cross, a pair of candlesticks and a traveler's robe,
and told not to allow the gate strike his posterior as he
left the grounds. Grief-stricken by banishment from his
childhood home, Cormac turned to the Franciscans, who gave
him comfort and shelter for a few months. However, the
Augustinians eventually learned of his whereabouts, and
pressured the Franciscans to ostracize him, as they had,
or face the spectre of excommunication.

Once again Cormac wandered the Irish countryside,
destitute and starving. After a year of living off alms,
he made his way to wartorn Scotland in 1313. He
administered last rites at the Battle of Bannockburn, and
was accepted as a brother by the other priests on the
field. He was later commissioned by Garrett O'Doherty,
steward of a small coastal barony, to found and run a
college along its "long beach." After two years at work
in this college, he was asked by Robert the Bruce to serve
in the fledgling Lyon Court, under Lord Lyon, King of
Arms of Scotland.

Cormac currently works for Lord Lyon as a pursuivant.*
When it is financially responsible to do so, he also
serves as a friar and priest, though he is never
consistent about which order he belongs to.

*The earliest mention of Lyon King of Arms is in 1318, and
the records of who served as and under Lyon are virtually
nonexistent until 1388.

Currently, I (Cormac) hold the position of Bellows Pursuivant in the Kingdom of Caid. Bellows is the chief field herald of the kingdom (translation: I'm in charge of MCing fights at kingdom events). I am also a commenter for the SCA College of Arms. Until recently I held the title of Silver Trumpet, which was Caid's head of heraldic education (translation: I sat around at tournaments and wars with big piles of books in front of me, and had people come up to me to ask "I want to be a Celtic witch. Do you have any Celtic witch name books?") I am best known in CoA circles for my performance of "Heraldic Charades" at the Estrella consultation table.

Anyway, I started writing this particular post because I've been finding other SCAdians online and wanted to mark myself. I continued the post because Caid's Fall Coronation and Queen's Champion tournament are this weekend, and at both of these events I will be attending my duties as Bellows. *happy dance* I like being useful.

jeez...I should probably get to bed...

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