Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

It's official.

The Department of Justice has stated that it will not enforce any laws regarding contempt of Congress if the accused have claimed executive privilege as the reason for not complying with the Congressional subpoena.

This only leaves the option of inherent contempt for Congress. Though it doesn't have as much kick in the sentencing process, it's run entirely in-house. If Congress exercises this option (and I really hope they do) we finally get to see the sergeant at arms in action. If Miers still refuses to appear before Congress, the sergeant at arms and the Capitol police (or, if she's out of the district, whichever law enforcement officials happen to be in the area) will go and find Miers and bring her, by force if necessarily, to the floor of the House. I can't wait to see her frog-marched in chains to appear before Pelosi. *tee hee*
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