Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Deathly Hallows (spoilers)

I finished Deathly Hallows last night. On the whole, I was pleased with plotline and characterization, but I do have some questions for those who have read.

Let's start with the worthless excuse for an epilogue. By the numbers:

1. Wizard naming practices. It seemed to me that the cruel names wizarding parents gave their children ended around 1979 (which would allow for slightly older characters named Nymphadora, but would also allow for Harry's generation of Ron, Dean, Lavender (pushing it a bit, but it's ok), Seamus, etc. Draco was the exception, but he came from a Malfoy family, so what did you expect? Is it just me, or did the shit names that were placed on hold for Harry's generation come back full-force? Sure, we have a James, a Lily, and a Rose, but we also have an Albus Severus, a Teddy, a Scorpius (even worse than Draco) and...Hugo.

I envisioned Rowling saying thus: "I want to name the kid Viktor, but Ron would kill Hermoine, and the fans would kill me. So let's see...Viktor, Victor...Victor Hugo....heh, I'll name the boy Hugo and it'll be my little secret to me."

Speaking of shit names, Victoire?

2. Employment: What on earth do Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermoine(, Luna, Seamus, Dean...) do for a living, now that they're in their late 30s? Did Harry ever get to be an Auror? It's clear they're not teaching at Hogwarts. Who still is?

3. Was Teddy held back in school? Why is he 19 years old and on the Hogwarts Express?

4. And kissing Bill and Fleur's daughter?

5. For that matter, did he or she ever show signs of lycanthropy?

6. Whatever became of Draco Malfoy and his relationship to the trio? Is he still as much of a stuck-up, pompous ass as he was in school or is Ron being a prat for prat's sake?

7. Was the sole purpose of the epilogue to show that Harry believed that Snape was on his side in the end? Couldn't that have been written into the main storyline there at the end, and saved us this gratuitous epilogue that raised more questions than it answered (like what crack they were smoking when they named their kid ALBUS SEVERUS?!?!?)

There. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's look at the rest of the book. Most of it's a blur, so I don't have much at this point, but there are some questions I have.

Did anyone else feel that the Snape Memory Exposition Train was a bit too much at once?

To anyone with children: do you feel the concept of accepting and embracing death is something appropriate for children? If so, how young? When I bought the book, I saw 7-year olds running around with their copy clutched to their happy little chests. Will they understand the concept and learn that death is just another stage, or will they freak out and ask their parents, many of whom fear death themselves?

Was anyone else reminded either of Aliens or of Eddie Izzard's corresponding bit when Mrs. Weasley screamed (slight paraphrase here as annecathryn currently has the available copy of the book) "GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU BITCH!"?

Oh, and I called Aberforth as the owner of the inn years ago. Go me!

That's all I have for now, but I'd love to hear your impressions of the book.

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