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Things have started to quiet down around here. I have no access to windows, so I can't assess the situation on the ground, but things might be such inside the building that I can make a break for my truck. The server room is all well and good, but there's nothing in here in the way of supplies, apart from a bag of doritos one of the IT guys must have stashed here.

I'm going to make a break for it. There's a fire extinguisher here, and my helm is about 20 yards down the hall (in the wrong direction, of course) on top of the filing cabinet. I'll stop by the supply closet to grab what I can as far as weaponry is concerned. My plan is to head down the northwest stairwell, which will involve a jaunt down two hallways, but which will place me near the rear exit of the building. From there, I should be able to take cover in the foliage and make my way around to the front, where I'll enter the parking structure and climb the stairs to my truck.

Not sure how I'm going to navigate from there, since Pasadena is an old city with narrow streets and reports have come in that the 210 is closed, but I've got a wi-fi enabled laptop and a stack of batteries I've been charging since I got in here. I'll keep you all posted.

mysryael, I'm coming home.
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