Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Sponsoring list fields

At QC on Sunday, quite by accident, my lady and I assumed ownership and responsibility for one of the list fields. We supplied the fighters, consorts, marshals and list runners with shade and refreshment, and a good time was had by all.

I think this idea may really benefit the kingdom, and propose that baronies and major households consider "sponsoring" their own field for kingdom events, on a volunteer basis; providing a banner, herald, marshals and list runners (if they've got 'em) and hospitality. It would drastically ease the burden of Bellows and the KEM, make the day a lot easier on the fighters and consorts, and (especially for Crown Tourney) introduce some of the lesser-known aspirants to the Crown to their populace. It would also instill pride in the group, as instead of "on the Or field" or "on the field picnicky" the heralds would cry "on the Angels field" or "On the Hospitallers field."

Though the minimum number of fields wouldn't be impacted, assuming there were enough volunteers to fill the fields before this idea came about, the maximum number of fields could be increased as more groups wish to sponsor a field, making the tournaments run that much faster.

I put it out for discussion: what do you think? Would there be interest in voluntary sponsoring of fields for kingdom events?
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