Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

I got married?!

So I show up to Kaleidoscope on Saturday, around 8 or so, and within 20 minutes Jeff (my former boss's boss, and director of Student Life) calls out to me, congratulating me. At first I think he's talking about my upcoming graduation, but it eventually comes out that he's heard I got married. As I go to correct him, it seems like every SCA person there perked up their ears, and started a barrage of "You got married? When did you get married? When was the wedding? Why wasn't I invited? When were you going to tell us?"

mysryael and I have yet to track down the source of this rumor, but we were not amused (at first). SCA-folk, listen up: I am not, nor have I ever been, married. I'm not even engaged. If you hear this rumor running about, find out who your source heard it from, and please let either mysryael or I know. Seriously, people. I'm one of the loudest heralds in the kingdom, possibly the loudest, now that Njall's moved. If anything that huge happens, everyone will be the first to hear it.

*kicks the SCA rumor mill*

Kaleidoscope redux coming soon.
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