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General statement to anyone who will listen:

If something in your sphere of existence bothers you, you have four choices on how to deal with it.

You can accept it and adapt to it.
You can try to change it.
You can ignore it.
Or you can whinge about it.

Don't be the type of person who always chooses the last option. It doesn't solve anything, and only brings more negativity to the world. Myself, I'm doing my best to go with option 2 in this post, and will soon be drifting into option 3.

And please note, for all you ranters out there: because this is a static statement, and not an invitation for discussion, I have disabled comments. If you do not wish for your rant to be questioned or criticized, please do the same in your own LJs.

That is all. Have a wonderful day.

Edit: This is not a criticism of rants. Venting is healthy, and if more people did it, we would live in a healthier world. Just be sure to choose one of the other three options afterward.
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