Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

SCA Meme, taken from abbybob, originally from attack_laurel

1. What is your SCA name? (You don't have to write the full name, just your first name if you want.) - Cormac Mór

2. What is your home kingdom? - Caid

3. Have you ever lived in another kingdom? If so, where? - No

4. Do you remember your first SCA event? When/what was it? - Spring Coronation, 2002. The second ascension of Guillaume and Felinah.

5. Do you have any awards? (You don't have to list them if you don't want) - yes.
Award of Arms AS XXXVIII
Grant of Arms AS XLI

6. Do you list them after your name in communications like e-mail? - I sometimes sign as Lord Cormac, rarely THL or His Lordship (since Herveus pointed out that the title isn't period. It's also kind of clunky).

7. Do you have a device? - Yes. Per fess with a right step Or and argent, as depicted in my icon.

8. Do you use it? On what? - Yes, as well as my badge, per bend Or and argent. The badge has banners of it, and I'm working on garb for both device and badge. Theoretically, I'll have armor finished soon, and my shield will (naturally) bear my arms, and I'll probably have a fighter tabard in my arms as well.

9. Are you on all the kingdom/society lists available to you, or do you avoid them? - I'm on some, but most have too high a chatter to information ratio for me to bother with.

10. Do you keep your Pennsic/Estrella/Gulf Wars/etc. site tokens? - I've been to one Pennsic and three Estrellas, and I still have the tokens for all.

11. Do you keep the favours you've been given by royalty/friends/SOs, etc.? Do You wear them all? - I keep most favors I'm given, but rarely wear them (monastic persona running around with rings on his fingers and bells on his toes = no good)

12. Do you call your friends by their SCA names even when you're not at an event? - Only if I don't know their legal names, which is often.

13. Do you go out to dinner in garb after an event? - You don't need the "after and event" qualifier. I wear garb as casual clothes.

14. Do you have all kinds of garb, or do you generally stick to one period? - I've got a relatively focused selection (12-14th century British) with a couple outliers, like the Turkish coat I'm currently working on.

15. How many interests do you have within the SCA? What's your favourite? - Many, many, many. I'd say heraldry ranks pretty near the top of my interests. From it flows all the pageantry and ambience that makes an SCA event for me.

16. Do you have an SCA-oriented web site? - Yes. I have a painfully incomplete online armorial, which sadly will disappear when I graduate. I'm looking for a new server.

17. Do you maintain a hairstyle that is more period style than modern? How about any other part of your appearance? - I did a tonsure once, and made a promise to the Known World that I'd not do that again until I became a peer, and even then not so extreme. Otherwise, I grow my beard out longer than corporate society might accept, but they're understanding because I portray Father Christmas from time to time.

18. Do you tell "No $###, there I was" stories? (Admit it.) Do any of them involve well-known SCA people? - Very, very rarely. More often, people tell those stories about me, such as the "rain from the ground" incident during my first proper autocratting experience.

19. Authenticity is Fun. Yes or no? Why? - Fun in moderation.

20. Is there one modern thing at events that really bugs you? - "SCA Time." The past reign proved that it doesn't have to exist. Don't do it.

Bonus Question! 21. Everyone has a shameful garb/accessory mistake hidden somewhere in their past. What's yours? (We're all friends here, we promise not to laugh. Much.) - See aforementioned tonsure.

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