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My mom is the coolest mom ever

This is my mom, getting sloshed at a martini tasting party with my dad on board a ship cruising the British Isles. (I'm just off-screen to your left. And yes, I was the one who brought them to the party.)

My mom is the coolest mom ever, reason #28327:
I went home last weekend (9/10) and she told me she was taking up knitting. We went to Wal-Mart, where she told me to choose a yarn color. I chose two, and she took the yarn.
I go back this past weekend (9/17) and she hands me the coolest scarf ever! 8 ft. long, some 18-20 inches wide. About twice as large as your average scarf, this is the scarf of titans. If Paul Bunyan had a mom as cool as mine, she'd make him this scarf. It can be used as a blanket, it's so big.
I've been showing it to people, and their reactions have been consistent: they want to steal it, they demand to know where I bought it, and when they hear that my mom made it, they all say "You have the coolest mom ever."

Thanks mom.

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