Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

The Claus Chronicles, entry 2

Today was Dun Or Yule. As the bard of Dun Or, I felt it my responsibility to be there, rather than at the maelstrom of Yules going on south of the mountains (Angels, Altavia, Gyldenholt and Dreiburgen were all having their Yules at the same time). I once again donned the coat and hat, and transformed into Father Christmas.

This time we not only had a Royal Presence, but we also had a sizable youth presence as well. Baroness Muiriath got the word out to families in the area that Santa was coming, and that they should all bring gifts labeled with the child's name on them to be given out. Though most didn't respond (Her Excellency told me that there would probably only be one, maybe two or three at the event) it turned out there were anywhere between 8 and 12 there, including ones even younger than poor Jordan. No tears this time, though, probably because they were able to face Sandy Claws as a group, rather than alone.

There are pictures, by the way, both of Lyondemere Yule, courtesy of divinite and of Dun Or Yule, courtesy of kottr

Highlights of the day: Muiriath's daughter Sarah (8 years old, maybe) looking at me after I've transformed back into Cormac, and saying "Are you the guy who dressed up as, I mean, Father Christmas?" followed by my reply, "of course not. I don't have a white beard, do I?"

One of the children (in the brown tunic and hat at the far right of the first of my photos in the Dun Or section) ran up and hugged me, saying "I got a gift from Santa!" over and over again until his mom came to pry him off of me. The same boy was singing the single line "and a partridge in a pear tree" over and over later on in the event. Sometimes it's really fun to see how excitement manifests itself in children.

New icon with my Father Christmas photos up soon...

[Edit 1: Icon up!]

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