Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Adventures in Commuting.

On Friday, I did a stupid: I tried to take my bike to work.

I'd driven the route many times before, and thought it was level terrain. I was wrong. Turns out it's uphill all the way to work. It also turns out that there are no bike lanes for all of the 8.6 miles, with the exception of approximately 250 feet. Add to it the fact that at one sizable stretch of road, there isn't even a gutter, but instead a very tight |lane|lane|thicket| setup, and we have a prime scenario for Kevin to have an encounter.

I'm riding down this particular stretch of road, and a jackass in a car (I think it was a blue sedan) clips my back wheel. My lightning reflexes save me from falling left into the street, and I go sprawling headfirst to the right, into the thicket. I was alright (bruises, scrapes, and minor cuts, but no broken bits) but the 8-foot tall bush that broke my fall snapped where the trunk met the root, and my back wheel got bent when I got clipped. Oh, and the person who clipped me never even stopped.

Bruised and battered, and with a bicycle incapable of use for its intended purpose, I limp the rest of the way to work. I left my house at 5:30, giving myself 2 1/2 hours to get to work (it only takes me 20 minutes by truck). I ended up walking in the door at 9:30, and up to my cube at 10, after a shower and change of clothes.

I'm never, ever doing that again.

And now you know the story behind my icon.

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