Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

This transcends politics, and moves straight to the heart of evil.

Waterboarding has been dismissed by this administration as a "harmless," and "effective means of extracting information." John McCain, who was himself tortured in a POW camp, renounce waterboarding as exactly what it is: torture.

For those of you who don't know (and I'm certain it's most of this great nation of ours) here's the description. Please, go look, and go read.

Folks, this technique is nothing short of evil. The Khymer Rouge in Cambodia used this as one of their most common torture techniques. Look at it, for chrissakes! It looks like something directly out of the Maleas Maleficarum, or the Spanish Inquisition. I challenge anyone who thinks this administration is good and righteous to explain this affront to humanity.

Bush convinced McCain that the US would no longer use waterboarding as an interrogation technique, and McCain proudly announced this to the world, as part of his compromise with the administration. Despite this "compromise," which was in essence the word of the President that he'd stop using the technique, there was no language included in the bill, which not only allows the President full discretion to define torture (except in the cases where the tortured's life is in grave and imminent danger as defined by the Geneva Convention), it also removes he Great Writ of Habeas Corpus from terror suspects, and eliminates the possibility of judicial oversight.

I knowingly risk becoming an example of Godwin's law when I say that McCain played the Chamberlain to Bush's Hitler. The "maverick" has been reduced to nothing more than an appeaser to the ever-increasing tyranny that is the Bush regime.

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