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"In which Arthur and Medraut both fell..."

Note: The following post is based upon incomplete information, gathered today.

I got hired by Student Life and Development at a job fair before school started(SLD is in charge of student groups and the like). SLD is under the blanket of Student Services, which is a large department within the University. I was told on Thursday that the hiring paperwork would be sent to Student Services, who would sign it and send it off to payroll, at which point I would go and complete the process by presenting my Social Security card, etc. I'm then informed that I should go to payroll the following Tuesday (today).
I go into payroll, and they've never heard of me. Ok, the paperwork hasn't arrived yet. I contact Student Services, and they haven't seen it either. After contacting SLD, it turns out the paperwork is lost somewhere in the bowels of the on-campus mailing system. Believe it or not, this is a good thing.
You see, I then found that I was classified as a "research specialist" or something, and that in order to work in this position, I had to be certified in numerous things "that most students are not privy to." Great, right? Wrong. If the paperwork goes through (meaning I'm officially hired) but I'm not certified yet, I'll be banned from entering my lab. As it turns out, my lab will be the entirety of the campus of CSULB. So you see, it's a good thing that payroll doesn't have my paperwork, because if they did, I would be banned from campus. And I would probably stay banned until they fired me or I got my credentials, which are only offered and awarded (you guessed it) on campus.

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