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So I'm in a chat room on Yahoo, and this guy comes on and starts talking about his D&D character (Edited for flow):

dragonstarmage: I'd love to have a portrait done of my semi-retired AD and D char, but most want too much who I've talked to. I'll find someone who is reasonable sooner or later
paladin_of_peace: what are his stats, dragon?
dragonstarmage: well, he's over 20th level, from 2nd ed...a duelist mage, he's nasty...true neutral, with good tendencies...6'3"...raven hair...fair...full elf...cobalt blue eyes...he's slightly over 200lbs
paladin_of_peace: that's heavy for an elf
dragonstarmage: mainly because of the muscles and the dex he must have as a duelist
paladin_of_peace: ah, ok
dragonstarmage: well, with a duelist, the emp is more on dex than strength, but as he would tell you, strength can cover minor mistakes
paladin_of_peace: I see
paladin_of_peace: his preferred weapon?
dragonstarmage: long swords...though he can pick up any, depending on who he might want to kill...but he hasn't had a "job" since before 7th level...he prefers to kill evil humans for now...with glee...well, he won't take a life needlessly, but he has no other hesitation in killing...esp anything you can tell, been playing him a LONG time...I know him well...if someone challenges him in a bar, he would rather use his steel to undress them and humiliate them, instead of killing of them...and he's done that a few times...of course, magically, he can do most things, and reminds a bit of jarlaxle, a trick up every sleeve...but at 20th plus...that is to be expected...he even developed a new 9th level spell, called replaces the old 1st ed fireball...does 1d6+1 per level...period...and only THREE segments to the old can understand why I'd love to have a portrait of him done
paladin_of_peace: yeah
dragonstarmage: when in his own world, he carries matching +5 vorpal swords...when world hopping, he has matched light sabre's...he never wears armor, only magical protections...such as bracers, rings and cloaks and boots
paladin_of_peace: what's his AC?
dragonstarmage: least, by 2nd ed...converting him to 3rd ed will be a pain
paladin_of_peace: not very high for a 20th level mage
dragonstarmage: well, in 2nd ed, that's the best you can get is -10...if allowed more, it would be even, I want to find someone who can do a portrait of him at a reasonable price
paladin_of_peace: have you posted something at your local gaming store?
dragonstarmage: not yet, but most around here would want over 20...that is about the limit of what I would pay

So, I figured I'd give him some artwork.

He didn't like the artwork, and he's not sending me $20.
You try to help a guy out.

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