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Heatherwyne Anniversary

Heatherwyne Anniversary was awesome. Way too much stuff happened to give a play-by-play, so here's a bulleted list of highlights:

- It was a Scottish-themed event, and men were encouraged to wear kilts for the "best legs" competition, judged by an "expert panel" of ladies. I won, and received a stuffed sheep and a blue ribbon at closing court.

- As is fast becoming the tradition at Heatherwyne Anniversary, all women 18 and over, upon checking in with gate, received a plastic cherry on a stem, which the men at the event attempted to woo away. I won the wooing contest this year with 17 cherries (the record set last year by Sir Phillipe de Tournay was 21) and received a basket filled with wooing materials at closing court.

- Camin's daughter, Mhari, received her acorn at closing court, and every member of Poore House attending the event came up to support her. The look on Her Majesty's face as we came up, as if to say "cripes, who is this kid?" was priceless.

- Altavia, Angels, Poore House, and HRM Kolfinna formed an alliance to win the pillaging contest, defeating the juggernaut that is Ryan of Rickford's household.

All in all, a wonderful day. And now, off to the heraldry meeting!

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