Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

The Business School Gig, and other employment

Yesterday was my last day temping for the Marshall School of Business at USC (see two posts previous). It was a wonderful gig, and the people in the office were extremely friendly. Unfortunately, I was called in for a specific purpose, and completed the task in half the time they expected (and had they been better prepared, it would have been even less time). So hooray for me for getting the job done in half the time, but boo in that I'm again sans job.
When I went to Helpmates (the temp agency I'm working through) to turn in my final timesheet for that position, they told me they already had something else in mind for me; a more long-term (possibly temp-to-hire) position at USC, that might start as early as Friday. The only hang-up is that they'd misplaced my résumé, and that I needed to send them a new one. So I did.
I talked to them again today to find out that their client had freaked out about my having "Attorney General" as one of my job titles on my résumé. Apparently she didn't read the job description (where I use the word "corporation" in the first sentence, clearly state "Associated Students, Inc." as my employer, and use the word "University" no less than three times), and thought that I was calling myself THE Attorney General, as in the one for California or the United States. Résumé padding is one thing, but this was beyond the pale. So Helpmates is trying to convince the client that indeed, I am not claiming to be a greater officer of State or Union, and that I clearly state that it's a student government position.
If I ever become king, remind me not to put "King" on my résumé. Some people just don't read past job titles.

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