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back in black

I'm back on campus for my Masters program, and as usual, I'm in the dorms.

I was surprised to find out yesterday that the phone service for the dorms has been cancelled. Turns out Housing did a survey of residents and found that when asked what phone they used, most said "cell phone." Rather than do further research about local vs. long distance phone use, Housing made the command decision to cancel all off-campus phone service to all the residents.

Did they tell us this when we were signing our housing contracts? How about when they informed us that we would be paying more money than last year? Nope. They informed us of this lack of phone service, in fine print, on the move-in instructions we received a few weeks before school started, when we were told that we would be able to use a pre-paid phone card.
Oh how nice of them, allowing us to pay more money than we already have to make local calls with a FUCKING PHONE CARD!

Housing has not heard the last of this. They think they have, because they cancelled their service with CampusTel, but they haven't. I'm too stubborn to let this one go without a fight.

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