Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes


I had to go up to Bakersfield to take care of my VA tuition waiver for the next year. Since I was here, I stopped by F&M Fabric, the awesome discount fabric store. I bought about 25 yards of linen and linen blends in various colors, all at $2 a yard, including:

7 yards lavender
5 yards dolce de leche/green (depending on the light)
5 yards each of plum and slate/sage (again, depending on the light)
3 yards of vibrant medium blue

I may go back today (Wednesday) to get some black and/or natural, and there's 2 yards of a nice dark olive green. Not enough to make a tunic, but maybe enough for facings or something.

I'm finally going to have tunics that aren't "natural" colored! YAY!

Oh, if anyone has any requests for $2 linen, call me before noon or respond to this before 10:00 AM with color and yardage preferences, and I will do the best that I can to accomodate your requests.
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