Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

1. Thank the person who tagged you. Thanks, theclaire. Now I'm obliged to do this meme.
2. List five random/strange/weird things about you.
ONE - Religion - I'm Jewish, I'm a minister for the Universal Life Church, and I portray a 14th century Augustinian mendicant. Go figure.
TWO - I was the Kern County Epilepsy Society Poster Child.
THREE - I developed 10 years of managerial experience by the time I was old enough to legally drink.
FOUR - I have never seen Titanic. I refuse to see it, a) because I know the ending, and b) the movie was so aggressively marketed that I was sick of it well before it came out in theatres. Oh, and if I hear one more rendition of "My Heart Will Go On," I'm going to puke blood.
FIVE - I'm working on a master's degree in Arthurian Literature.
3. Tag five other people.
No. If anyone wants to do this, go for it.
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