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Congratulations to me: I am a college graduate, with a BA in English: Special Emphasis in American Cultural Literacy. There was a valid academic justification for the creation of a new emphasis, involving the unparalleled fluctuation of paradigms in American symbology and mythos, blah blah blah. It eventually became a euphemism for "hey, I can write that class into my major!"
The list of classes I took for my degree:
C/LT 342 - Bible as Literature
Comm 130 - Essentials of Public Speaking
Engl 184 - Composition and Literature
Engl 283 - Science Fiction
Engl 384 - Principles of Literary Study
Engl 363 - Shakespeare 1 - Honors
Engl 370B - Survey of American Literature, post 1865
Engl 372I - Wit and Humor in America
Engl 498 - Topics in English: Arthurian Literature
Mus 290 - Popular Music in America
R/St 302I - Religious and Social Ethical Dimensions of American Diversity
UHP 150 - Exploring a Text: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
UHP 496 - Research Participation - Honors
UHP 498 - Senior Thesis/Project - Honors

That's right, I took "Popular Music" as a class for my English degree.

If you are interested, my thesis is posted on my website: Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

And now, I sleep for a long time.
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