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Year In Review

Go to your calendar and take the first sentence of the first text entry of each month. That is your year in review.

(Note: If the first entry was a meme, I disregarded it unless there was pertinent information)

January: 4 AM Update
It's 4 AM, and I just finished a St. Louis shirt.

February: Kern County Scottish Games
I get an email from Herald Yule, one of the bigwigs of the Kern County Scottish Society (and my ex-girlfriend's father).

March:The promised update
So what's happened? Let's see...

April: Crown, Job, etc.
This weekend was rather interesting for me.

May: [No title]
I've found an apartment!

June: Herald Yule - a eulogy
In two days, they bury Herald Yule.

July: [No Title]
I've been fascinated by this for over an hour, with little sign my interest will wane.

August: Pennsic
I was going to write some beautiful, soaring passage on how bravely I will serve my kingdom at war, but it got so bad, even my tastes couldn't take it.

September: Bar Mitzvahs
In late July, I was approached by an event planner who was putting together a medieval-themed Bar Mitzvah reception in San Diego.

October: Serenity - a quick update, no spoilers.
Damn you, Joss Whedon.

November: Still alive
"Music is to me proof of the existence of God.(" - Kurt Vonnegut)

December: Memeage and updates
As I posted earlier, Maile and I broke up.

Herald showed up twice in this. Interesting.

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