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Callidior Quam Ursus Typicus
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Friday, June 14th, 2013

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Weight Loss Adventure, Week 71/16
It's been a while since my last check-in, and much has happened. I'm down 135 pounds (a bit up from my lowest of 138.4 pounds about a month ago), and very close to my goal. My primary care physician says that my actual ideal weight is about 205, as opposed to the BMI index which says that I should be 185 tops, so I'm revising my goal. But that's not the big news for this week.

I was interviewed in January by Kaiser Permanente about my weight loss, as part of an effort to give this program greater visibility among KP physicians. My story (and some impressive before/after photographs) were included in a powerpoint presentation that went around the Southern California region. Over the subsequent months, I was contacted by several departments within KP asking permission to borrow the slides with my story to incorporate into other presentations on weight loss. Eventually, the multimedia department asked if they could interview me again in front of a camera and incorporate the recording into a few promotional videos (one for patients, another for physicians, and a third for vendors). I agreed, and was interviewed at the end of April. I was told that I would get to see the videos once they were done.

Last night, as I was leaving work, I met a former member of the Board of Directors who'd not seen me in at least two years. He immediately recognized me, shook my hand and congratulated me on my weight loss. He told me that if he hadn't seen the video, he wouldn't have recognized me.

Ack! The video's out and I haven't seen it yet!

Also...the video's out! *happy dance*

I really hope that my story can help inspire others to achieve their weight loss goals, whether it's on this program or another.

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