February 15th, 2012

Morro Rock

Weight Loss Adventure, Week 1/16

Today was the second class of the Low Calorie Diet program, and marked the end of the first week of the program. The class has dropped from a dozen people to eight. Average weight lost by attendees was approximately 4.5 pounds. Excluding me, the most anyone lost was 6 pounds.

Me? I lost 14.8 pounds in a week.

Was it easy? Not particularly. There were certainly temptations, and I did eat a couple of things I shouldn't have. However, it wasn't insufferably difficult either (after the first day and a half when my body went through massive withdrawal). I knew that I had a limit to the number of calories I was allowed to eat in a day (1000-1200, and my goal was to stay firmly at the lower end of that range) and by obsessively keeping track of what I was eating I kept to it every single day. One of my goals this past week was to try out the various shakes and soups they had. I now know generally what's got a decent flavor and what is intolerable, and will plan the rest of my meal replacements accordingly. I picked up a personal blender (Oster's version of the Magic Bullet, $29.99 at Target) and am going to incorporate fruit and ice into the shakes.

14.8 pounds down. 125.2 pounds to go.