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Callidior Quam Ursus Typicus
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Friday, February 20th, 2009

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Day of Posts - Birth Family
Ok, so I'm going to do my best to catch everyone up on my life thus far. My first post is a recap on the trip to Salinas to visit my birth family.

Behind the cut, because I careCollapse )

Addendum: since the trip, Maggie has told Ruby over the phone that I am her son and that she wants to meet me, but that Tom isn't my father. This is progress, I suppose, from her saying that I was a charlatan who was trying to bilk the family out of money. Still, when I saw her online yesterday, I said "hi Maggie" (it's become my ritual whenever I see her online, to give her the never-taken chance to talk to me) when she actually responded! Her first, and so far, only words to her long-lost second son since last May? "Not now."
Day of Posts - Estrella
Next up in our day of posts, an Estrella redux.

Again, behind a cut for your convenience.Collapse )
On alternate means by which to win the Crown
amykb informs me that there has been considerable discussion on whether to allow someone to win the Crown of a kingdom by means other than heavies fighters. I'd like to share an analogy with these people that I contrived this morning. Not a Day of Posts post, but still long enough to merit a cut.Collapse )

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