April 24th, 2008

Jew, Token Jew

The poor Goyim. They try so hard...

Today is the montly meeting of the Board of Directors where I work. Some of the Board members are Jewish, so the person ordering food did her best to be considerate about their needs during Passover by ordering a box of matzo as an alternative to leavened bread.

Breakfast this morning consisted of baked goods (with matzo option), oatmeal, an array of juices, and the only source of protein: bacon.

Lunch was make-it-yourself sandwiches, with breads (matzo sitting right next to the onion rye), condiments, and a tray piled high with meats and cheeses. No tomato/lettuce/onion tray either. Just meat and cheese.


*munches on his matzo, piled high with mustard, ham, corned beef, and cheese*