February 5th, 2008

Commute, Woodsy Owl



So McCain's supporters in West Virginia's Republican caucus, recognizing that they didn't have enough support for their candidate to beat Romney's supporters, threw all their weight behind Huckabee, who took the caucus with 52 percent of the vote to Romney's 47 percent. (A small number of McCain supporters stayed true, and the Arizona senator took 1 percent).

And now I have to wonder: how many McCainites and Romneyists will take their cue from West Virginia, and when they recognize that they are losing, throw their support to Huckabee to "screw the other guy?" Dare I hope, against hope, that Huckabee will leap ahead on Super Tuesday as McCain and Romney tear each other apart?

Damn, I've forgotten how entertaining a presidential election can be.

Oh, and reiterating the same exhortation I've seen across my friends list, if you're in a Super Tuesday state, go vote. And if you're a Republican, vote Huckabee (tee hee).