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Callidior Quam Ursus Typicus
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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

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New flat, and other accomplishments
We finally finished the move out of the Monrovia apartment late Friday night. The internet was shut down at the house at the beginning of the day, and mysryael's phone had shut off as well, so I was unable to tell her that I'd been released from work two hours early. The AC had ceased to function two weeks earlier, and the heat in the apartment was intolerable.

Fortunately, the AC in the Azusa flat works like a dream. Despite the sweltering heat and the numerous boxes throughout the flat, we were quite comfortable in our new abode. Of course, having a pool at the bottom of the stairs helps immensely. I'm looking forward to coming home from work, changing into a pair of board shorts, and swimming for a couple hours.

Oh, and for my SCA friends, particularly those in/from Caid or who are familiar with Rouge Anne Marie du Maurier(aka the Trim Lady)'s name problems: it took 15 years of work on her part, and 5 years of work on mine, but we got her name and device passed. *happy bear dance*

Oh, and note to the genius who decided that turning off the AC in my office building to save energy: you have to turn it back on, or people get cranky. Current temperature in my cubicle: 97°F.

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