August 24th, 2007

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Resumes for SCA-types

Please note: This is a list in development. Please give feedback.

The following is a list of SCA offices and positions, translated for use on a modern resume (as has been requested around LJ from time to time). While not an official list, I've tried to keep the translations honest yet still impressive.

Seneschal - President/CEO
Herald - Director of Protocol/Master of Ceremonies
A&S Officer - Director of Art and Education Services
Chatelaine - Intake/Recruiting Director
Marshal - Safety Officer/Referee
Chronicler - Editor-in-Chief/Communications Director
Webwright - Webmaster/Electronic Communications Director
Lists - Scorekeeper
Children's Ministry - Children's Education Director
Chirurgeonate - Medical Officer
Exchequer - Treasurer / CFO (if you use this, specify that you're the chief financial officer for your area only, i.e. the Exchequer of Lyondemere would be the "Chief Financial Officer for the Coastal Los Angeles Area")
Constabulary - Security Officer
Autocrat - Event Planner/Event Director
Baron/ess - Area* Director/Co-Ceremonial Head of local chapter
King/Queen - Regional* Director
Prince/ss - Regional* Subdirector
Ambassador - Regional Liason
Courtier/LiW - Assistant to the Regional* Director
Chief LiW - Executive Assistant to the Regional* Director
Guard - Stage Crew

*Terms used for the size of the group should reflect mundane boundaries. So, for example, the Kings of Trimaris and Atenveldt, the Princes of Oertha, and the Barons of Grey Niche and Western Seas should state that they are the State Directors for Florida, Arizona, Alaska, Tennessee and Hawai'i, respectively. Depending on the territory to population ratio, it may be more impressive to cite population vs. region (Officers of the Barony of Calafia, for example).

If listing positions for both local (shire, barony, etc.) and regional (principality, kingdom), try to use terms that reflect the shift in size, stature and importance. Use terms consistently. I've used "area" and "region" above, but branch, chapter, etc. can be used.

If you have your own suggestions for officers and event stewards, or corrections (Lists, Guard and Marshal, for example), please leave them in comments, and I'll put them up on the big board.