December 11th, 2006

Commute, Woodsy Owl

Year in Review

Go to your calendar and take the first sentence of the first text entry of each month. That is your year in review (you can skip memes and such unless you commented on them.)

January: A professor at CSULB a while back decided to start putting stickers on papers that were particularly good.

February: Yes, they're largely useless.

March: (A movie meme)

April: Looking back at the entries of the past three months, I realized that I've only been posting memes, while real life has been having its way with me since the end of January.

May: I don't normally post on political matters.

June: Today I start a new job.

July: I could view this as a desecration of one of the most beloved symbols of freedom in this country.

August: Well things just keep changing for the better.

September: My cousin Dusty (dad's brother's son) and his children, Tony (out of high school) and Courtney (sophomore) recently moved from Minnesota to Bakersfield, CA, partially due to a transfer with his job (I think) and partially due to his ex-wife (again, I think. The story's still pretty vague for me).

October: Waterboarding has been dismissed by this administration as a "harmless," and "effective means of extracting information."

November: The news just keeps-a-gettin' better!

December: So as some of you may be aware, I was tapped to be Santa Claus at this year's Lyondemere Yule.