December 3rd, 2006

Sergeant Grumbles

The Claus Chronicles, entry 1

So as some of you may be aware, I was tapped to be Santa Claus at this year's Lyondemere Yule. I decided that instead of the "traditional" Coca-Cola Santa that has dominated the trope of der Klaus for the past 70 years or so, I was going to do a more "medieval" Father Christmas, which was going to be loosely based on descriptions from period and the iconography of the Ghost of Christmas Present from Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." In typical SCA fashion, I was sewing on it up until the time I left yesterday to go to Yule.

The undertunic is mid-calf length gold damask garment based loosely on the St. Louis shirt. The coat and hat are both made of a deep green velvet embroidered with gold curleycues, and both are trimmed with white faux fur. The coat is floor-length and trimmed at the collar and cuffs (the original idea was to trim the entire front opening and bottom hem, but we ran out of time), and the hat is trimmed at the opening, and finished with a large gold tassel at the tip.

I also picked up some Ben Nye "Snow White" hair makeup, and did myself up as Ole' Man Winter. When you combined the hair, coat and hat, the illusion was complete. I left to Lyondemere Yule to dispense gifts to the children of the barony, as well as the Baron and Baroness. Their Excellencies seemed to appreciate their gifts, but the only child there, Lachlan and Cassandra's young son Jordan, cried when he saw me. Making the kids cry; status quo for me. :)

Since there was only one Santa-age kid at Yule, I decided to continue in my role for a little while longer. mysryael and I went to one of those neighborhoods that embodies one-upsmanship. It was a winter wonderland of light, music, and (when she was there earlier) bonfires in the driveways. I had picked up some small candy canes earlier, and dispensed them to children who came up to talk to me. It was tons of fun, and I intend to do it again at least twice before the end of the Christmas season.

Highlights of the evening:
A small girl, maybe 2, dressed in a beautiful red and black velvet dress, hears that Santa has come to her house for a visit. She looks out the door, then runs full tilt at me, tripping and falling at the porch step. Unfazed, she bounces back up and receives her candy cane, then runs back into the house. 3 minutes later, she runs back out at full speed, gives my legs a hug, then runs back into the house.

Some children in an SUV were having trouble believing that I was indeed Kris Kringle. One said: "You're not Santa. You're not wearing any red! *pause, then small gasp* You're God!"

Vivienne took pictures when we visited her. As soon as I get them, I'm making an icon. If anyone at Lyondemere Yule took pictures (I'm looking at you, divinite), I'd like copies of them as well.
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