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Callidior Quam Ursus Typicus
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Saturday, August 12th, 2006

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New Apartment
Well things just keep changing for the better. I just signed a year lease for a 2 bed, 1 bath place in Monrovia. The place is huge, very spacious, and reasonably priced. It's the bottom floor of a duplex, with a lovely front lawn, 1 car garage, a bathtub I can actually fit into...the works. It's awesome.

Anyhow, I start moving into it tomorrow, but it's going to be a slow move. Basically, I'll box my little stuff up (table settings, books, clothes, etc.), load up the truck the night before, drive to work the next morning, then drop the stuff off at the new place before I head back to Long Beach. Larger furniture will be dealt with at the end of the month using a UHAUL truck my cousin is using to move from Michigan to Bakersfield (talk about lucky timing). At some point, I'll stop living in the Long Beach flat and start living in the Monrovia house, at which point I'd drive down after work, box stuff up, and bring it back before I go to bed.

I'll likely be setting up a small housewarming party when I'm settled enough to have guests over. Stay tuned! :)

Current Mood: ecstatic

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