July 25th, 2005

Commute, Woodsy Owl

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I received this email through an SCA mailing list. Anyone interested?

Hi friends,
I am trying to find performers for a gig, and I thought ya'll might
be able to help me out. I am assisting Gordon Hunt who is directing
the musical Camelot with Jeremy Irons the Hollywood Bowl (one
performance only on Sunday, August 14th). I have been put in charge
of planning the pre-show entertainment - on a minimal budget, of
course! They want Renaissance Faire - type of people at the entrance
of the bowl and possibly mingling in the bowl before the show to help
set the mood for the event. (It really should be more Medieval Times,
but Renaissance should work.) Do you know any people who have this
type of clothes and would be interested in this event? Maybe people
who go to the Renaissance Faire every year?

I am also looking to hire some skilled people to do some juggling at
the bowl's entrance. I a open to any other entertainment ideas that
fit this time period, as well, (sword fighting, fire eating, knights
maypole dancers) but I don't think there is space for a tumbler, and
I don't think I can afford anything on horseback. It is preferable if
they have access to some costume, but I'll cross that bridge when I
come to it.

I hate to say it, but I have a tiny budget. Those who are atmosphere
only will get free tickets to the event. I'm also pretty sure that I
can swing free parking. For the jugglers and other more "skilled"
talent, I can pay about $75 - $100 plus tickets to the show. My
current guestimate is that it will be a 5:00 call, with "work" from
5:30-7:30. Any ideas?
Thanks a bunch,
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