January 26th, 2005

Commute, Woodsy Owl

The Bells! The Bells!

There is ethereal music wafting through my open window. Some 30 years ago, someone donated a Carillon (tubular bell choir) to CSU Long Beach. The carillon is amplified, and speakers across campus carry its chimes to every corner of CSULB. It automatically chimes the hours from 8 AM to 7 PM. But that's not the cool part.
In addition to the hourly chimes, the carillon can be played with a keyboard in the music department. At least once a day, and sometimes 2-3 times, Dr. Bruce Miller sits down at the keyboard at completely random times and plays 15-20 minute sets that are pumped across the campus.
One of my fondest memories on campus is sitting in a particularly dull lecture, when the bells begin to chime. The professor begins to rant about how they always disrupt his class, and how they should be stopped. But no one was listening, for his entire class had become enthralled by the bells.
I love my campus.
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    Bruce Miller's Carillon