January 5th, 2005


Day 3 - 4 AM update

I spent the morning finishing the seams of the surcoat. By noon it was completed. I then spent the rest of the day procrastinating. At about 10 PM, I finally started cutting my dark green wool for the tunic. So far, I've cut all the pieces and attached everything but the front center gore to the main body. I spent an entire hour trying to figure out how to make center gores come out right, and I just now figured out how to do it.
It was my goal to have the tunic finished today. Now, normally by this time I'm ready to pass out, so I would have failed to achieve my goal. However, I'm still very much awake and going strong, so I can restate my goal, which is finishing the tunic by the time I go to bed. Tune in next week to see if I completed my task.

The outfit situation is as follows:
Shirt - done.
Surcoat - done.
Tunic - In progress: see above. Estimated time necessary to finish: 3 hours.
Pants - I've got black linen, which I think will do nicely for this outfit.
Headwear - Probably out by this point, unless I can find a pattern for a cap of maintenance. Anyone?

As if cream, forest green and cranberry aren't enough colors, I need to add another one. And the pants can't be green, or else I may end up looking like an elf from Santa's Workshop.
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8:00 AM post-update update, and other things

Well, I've got the tunic done, except for the cuffs and bottom hem, which are no brainers. I'm wearing the entire ensemble right now, and boy is it comfortable! I'm not sure how I'll fare in court with two heavy layers of wool under an even heavier kingdom tabard, but we shall see. In the meantime, I'm nice and toasty warm, and ready to brave the snow that threatens to close all my entry roads into Los Angeles.

In other news, I've been searching for my birth parents. I've been using a company called Locator's Plus. They're currently searching for my mother. For the past 2-3 months, I've been trying to contact someone in the corporation, and at last I got to talk to a human being. Their excuse for not getting back to me is that they're searching in all different places, but can't find her. I'm to sit tight and wait for them to find something, and trust that they'll let me know.

And now, I go pass out on the couch. good night everyone.