November 27th, 2004

Commute, Woodsy Owl

New Housing Situation?

</a></b></a>blackbirdsings and I might be renting an apartment together. It's a loft apartment above a restaurant supply warehouse. I've been weighing the pros and cons in my head, and decided to post them here:
Out of the dorms.
More room to LIVE, rather than exist. (I currently live in a *very small* room in a small dorm building, and the loft is VERY spacious)
No horrid roommates.
A SCAdian friend (and model!) for a roommate.
$850 a month total ($425 each), which includes utilities.
Next door to Goodwill - first pickings.
Roof access with a decent view.
A hell of a lot of space.
Bohemian lifestyle.
Sweet second-story double doors with loading rig.

The family cuts off use of shared credit cards if I move out of the dorms. (I need to find full-time employment, and soon)
Above a working business.
No land line for a phone. (not a big deal, but might prove more problematic later on)
Possible hassle with getting DSL.
Off-campus = daily commute + ever-worsening parking headache.
Unfurnished: we have to provide our own furniture, appliances, et al.
Industrial neighborhood isn't exactly the safest place to live.
Bohemian lifestyle.
Poor lighting.
A man recently died in the apartment.

If I'm able to work out a reasonable DSL deal with both the service provider and the owner of the warehouse, I think it's a go. Mom's promised small appliances for Hannukah and most of what I don't already have can be easily found in thrift shops and dollar stores.
I may finally be free from these godforsaken dorms! Huzzah!
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