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Callidior Quam Ursus Typicus
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Thursday, September 9th, 2004

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"...and there was widespread death in Britain and Ireland."
I was told to check back every day with SLD to see whether the paperwork has gone through. As of today, it still hasn't.
As it turns out, I won't be banned from campus. Though my research extends throughout campus, the BIG issue they're worried about is whether I will have access to...well...every file at CSULB. You see, my research is going to involve cross-referencing high school group involvement with college group involvement, to figure out why only 1 percent of the full-time student population participates in clubs. In order to do this, I need access to PeopleSoft, the new campus database.
Due to FERPA restrictions, not everybody has access to this database. The campus police, for example, have been routinely denied access, and have to contact other departments if they need information from it. So this is a huge deal, not just a bureaucratic inconvenience. And my "lab" for these purposes will not be the campus, but the database.

So I guess it makes more sense now. Except that not being hired in a timely fashion is bad again. Damn.

There was some confusion on the numbers, primarily on SLD's part. When they say "1% of students participate" they really mean "1% of students have leadership/committee positions within the groups we take care of." In reality, about 10% of full-time equivalent students (or 2,500 students) participate in student groups on campus.

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