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In the apartment

Well, actually I'm still in the dorms, but I have the keys to the apartment! As I said via IM to a friend of mine, "I gots a door key, and a mailbox key, and an electronic key to get through the front door of the complex, and a clickybox to get into the garage." Ok, so I was excited, but really, clickybox is a good word.
I'm going to start moving stuff in today, and continue as time permits. If anyone wishes to reach me, I'm at (562) 49-GIGGLE (phone service starts tomorrow, and I'll try to have an answering machine in place by the end of the week.)

P.S. Give lady_songsmith all your prayers, good vibes and well-wishings as she tries to get hired at a polytechnic K-12 in Pasadena, which would bring her back from New Jersey.

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