Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Hitchhiker's Guide, and some other rantage

So I went to see Hitchhiker's Guide last night. More on that later. First off, after the movie Maile and I were thirsty, and I was rather peckish, so we went in search of a Del Taco (the only drive-thru in Irvine one can expect to be open at 2 AM). When we get there, the sign was off, but the interior lights were on, so we went into the drive-thru. After waiting and calling out for about a minute, we pulled up to the window, to find the hours: this Del Taco closed at 2:00am. Now, if your restaurant claims to be open 24 hours, and has commercials that say things like "Some places say they're open late. Whatever. We're just open," then when I'm searching for food and drink and come across one, it'd better damn well be open!

Ok, onward to Hitchhiker's Guide. Here are things that just didn't work for me.
1. Trillian is a beautiful, mature British woman with a PhD in Astrophysics. She is not, as the movie portrays, a kind of pretty, though emotionally immature and not very bright, American woman. Also, to my recollection, Arthur Dent does not get Trillian at the end of the book.
2. Humma Kavula: wtf? Granted, John Malkovich played an interesting character, but seriously: wtf? For that matter, POV gun was very cool, but overused, and did not appear in the book either, so WTF?
3. Vogons were done very well, so good job on the part of the designers, but they were OVEREXPOSED! They are NOT the villains of the book, and should not be taken as such.
4. Why must everything Disney touches turn to shite?! Why must they Disneyfy everything!?!? I swear to God, they might as well have put Mouse ears on the entire cast. British humour is subtle, and an art form in and of itself. Disney cannot do British comedy, and must accept this. Instead, they turned an intelligent book into a slapstick fest.

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