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Kaleidoscope is an annual event on campus, a 60 acre festival involving hundreds of student organizations. One major draw these past two years has been the presence of the SCA. As I've been the autocrat for the SCA portion of the event since the SCA has participated (two years) I take a certain amount of pride in our exuberant welcome to the festival.

Nothing, however, could have prepared me for this year's Kaleidoscope.

Now granted, I'd pushed a little harder to get people to show up, enlisting the support of the Kingdom Chatelaine and Demo Officer, as well as going to council meetings for two baronies. I'd also put out easily readable directions to the event, and contacted many individuals who were keen on helping. Not only that, I'd also made sure the Kaleidoscope staff gave us a little more breathing room. But the event had things against it. The Kaleidoscope coordinators informed me of the location of our demo 1 1/2 weeks before the event, so I had precious little time to get the information out. There were many events today, including Gallavally Anniversary, Darach Pity Party (Black Oak Lodge was canceled) and Treasure Chest War, where many fighters were. Finally, the Weather Channel threatened rain, and many people considered canceling, rather than face the unholy terror that is rain.

This morning, the sky was clear, and it rained not a drop all day. 42 (FORTY-TWO) people showed up to help out at the demo, including Duke John (a cooler demo pavilion setup I've not seen). Forty-two people. I've been to tournaments that didn't have that many people. Everyone helped out, everyone pulled their own weight, and most were able to escape the demo at some point to get in some shopping, playing or just looking around. The Chivalry took care of the fighting, Christina took care of the archery, Cassandra took care of the rapier, and everyone else took care of the chatelaine's job. Much love to everyone who helped out!

But wait, there's more! I talked to the Kaleidoscope coordinators about A) knowing where we'd be in advance of 3-4 months, and B) the possibility of holding a tournament at Kaleidoscope, a pas d'armes for the honor of Noe College, celebrating its anniversary. The coordinator told me that we'd have the same site next year as we did this year, and that we could cordon off a certain amount of a parking lot for our own specific use. Next year is going to rock!

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