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Another break, another domestic activity.

During Winter Break, you got to see me sew. This Spring Break, bear witness to another of my domestic activities: cooking.
On Monday, I baked soda bread, to go along with the family's corned beef and cabbage dinner (We celebrated St. Patrick's Day a bit late, as I was at school.) It came out well, if a bit plain. A little butter, a little jam, and it was wonderful. Last night, I decided to make a steak & ale pie for dinner. My sister is spending the night, and she wanted to know what Scottish food tasted like, and I'd been dying to try the recipe. Dad decided that the best thing to have with a dish made out of ale is another dish made out of ale, so we also had beer bread. It was a fine meal, very filling, and the family is interested in having me do more culinary experiments on them. As my dad says: "Food experiments are a lot of fun; you never know when you're going out for pizza."

So far, no pizza. I rule!

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