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More Scottish Society Antics

You may remember Holly from a previous post. Apparently she found this journal, and was none too happy about what was in it. I come home to find this message waiting for me.
Note: As with the earlier post, this was cut and pasted in its entirety, misspellings and all. The formatting is a bit different because I'm trying out Trillian.

[22:54] freak_unleashed78: just read your life journal---
[22:54] *** Auto-response sent to freak_unleashed78: I am currently away from the computer.
[22:56] freak_unleashed78: you better say your prayers that i don't print it out---and by the way it had nothing to do with the way you broke up with me--i now can care less! one fuck you deserves another--FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!

(sarcasm) There's still love there, I think. (/sarcasm)
Now...I'm not sure why she's threatening to print out the conversation. It's posted publicly to the web, for all to see (should they choose to read under the cut) so exposure isn't a valid threat. Perhaps she wants to make me look bad in front of the Scottish Society. As I have no real interest in participating with them at the moment, this doesn't bother me in the slightest. Perhaps she wants me to feel bad about making our conversation so public. If so, she should politely ask me to take it down, or at least hide it with a filter. She has my yahoo screen name, obviously. She also has my AIM screen name, my email address, and my cell phone number, and if all else fails she can post to this journal.

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