Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

The promised update

So what's happened? Let's see...

Got my old bowling ball down here. It's a swirly red 10 lb ball. It's been like a decade since I used it, but the fingers still fit well (I was a big kid.) So the first game I bowl with my ball, and I play my best ever: 151. YEAH!

The company I hired to find my birth parents seems to have disappeared.
Website = gone.
Telephone = disconnected.
$350 = wasted.
Information passed by this company that my mother's last name was McGrath = questionable at best. DAMN!

Went to my first Pentathalon. It was good times, made all the better by the fact that one of the items, a gonfalon displaying hand-embroidered arms of all current and former baronies of Caid, used my artwork to design each shield. HUZZAH!

I slept for 15 hours this past Saturday. It's got to be the pinnacle of decadence, but it felt SO GOOOOD! ZZZZZZZ!

Joined a Jewish Caidans mailing list. MEH!

That's about all for now.

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