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Scottish Games update: the drama continues

I talked to Holly, my ex-girlfriend and the daughter of Herald (see
previous post). She's also a member of the Games committee, and was
part of the decision-making process that ended in my removal.

scottishdm (6:58:40 PM): hi Holly
freak_unleashed78 (6:58:49 PM): hi
scottishdm (6:59:02 PM): can I ask you a question?
scottishdm (6:59:08 PM): (other than this one, of course)
freak_unleashed78 (6:59:25 PM): yeah i guess
scottishdm (6:59:45 PM): in your opinion, has your dad changed since
the operation?
freak_unleashed78 (7:00:37 PM): i was there when you called, my dad has
nothing to do with linda or gregs decision---there is something going
on with linda greg and mike---mike being the asshole
scottishdm (7:00:51 PM): *sigh*
scottishdm (7:01:39 PM): thanks, Holly
scottishdm (7:02:17 PM): I just want to know why I was replaced, and
who made the call
scottishdm (7:02:45 PM): but it's become such a chore, because no one
will admit to anything
freak_unleashed78 (7:02:46 PM): its just time for change
scottishdm (7:03:11 PM): you supported the change?
freak_unleashed78 (7:03:32 PM): in all honesty, yes
scottishdm (7:03:39 PM): thank you. an honest answer
scottishdm (7:03:44 PM): and a reason behind it
scottishdm (7:03:47 PM): I appreciate that
scottishdm (7:04:27 PM): did it have anything to do with me, or was it
just a "new blood" thing?
freak_unleashed78 (7:06:42 PM): for one thing, in my opionion, and a
couple of others--since you have been doing this your ego has inflated
to the size of a macy's thnaksgiving day parade balloon plus,--have you
looked in the mirror lately? someone honestly asked me if you were
homeless. scottishdm (7:07:20 PM): I've shaved since then, and I'm
going to the gym. As for my ego...come again?
scottishdm (7:07:34 PM): I'm nothing as far as the Games is concerned
scottishdm (7:07:41 PM): just a schmuck with a stick
freak_unleashed78 (7:07:59 PM): you come off to other people as "my
shit don't stink"
scottishdm (7:08:09 PM): well, yes, but I've always come across that
freak_unleashed78 (7:08:17 PM): this is all from when you came by on
xmas eve
scottishdm (7:08:27 PM): *blink*
freak_unleashed78 (7:08:29 PM): from people you do not know
scottishdm (7:08:52 PM): the christmas party?
freak_unleashed78 (7:08:59 PM): at my dad's
scottishdm (7:09:19 PM): yes, I know what party you're talking about,
but what did I say and do to piss people off?
scottishdm (7:09:36 PM): I just came by to say hi and wish your dad a
happy birthday
freak_unleashed78 (7:09:47 PM): its just the way you come off
scottishdm (7:09:54 PM): *sigh*
scottishdm (7:10:33 PM): it's never what I do, it's always how I'm
freak_unleashed78 (7:11:20 PM): don't know what to tell you
scottishdm (7:11:34 PM): well, you told me the truth, which is more
than anyone else has told me
scottishdm (7:12:36 PM): later
While I may have looked rather scraggly, all they needed to do was
approach me and ask me to trim up. Not that difficult, as I had planned
to do that anyway. I have a sneaking suspicion that she's doing this to
get back at me for how I broke up with her over three years ago.
I'm not sure if it was out of boredom or spite, or both, but I shaved
my beard last night.
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