Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Weight Loss Adventure, Week 27/16

Hey all, just doing a quick check-in.

I've continued on the program past the end of the 16 weeks, albeit less faithfully than before. I'm still using the product, still trying to keep my intake at ~1000 calories/day, and still exercising.

I've had three official weigh-ins since the end of classes, at week 19, 23, and 27 (so about once a month). My latest was today, and I'd lost 9.2 pounds since my weigh-in at week 23, 23.1 pounds since week 16, and 96.1 pounds overall. This means that I'm still on track to lose 140 pounds total (stated goal) before the end of the year.

However, these last 44 pounds are going to be the most difficult, for a few different reasons. First, instead of focusing on just weight loss, I'm going to work on toning muscle and getting ready to fight in armor again, which means that I may actually start *gaining* weight. Second, the closer I get to my ideal weight, the less there is to lose, which means that my loss rate will continue to slow (as it has over the last couple of months). Third, as we push into the holiday season, there will be more pressure for me to eat socially. On this last part, I beg my friends' continued patience and understanding.

I'm a couple weeks away from 100 pounds down! Woo hoo!!!!!

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